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Family law proceedings are one of the most emotionally draining types of legal processes for families to endure. Bankston Law Firm understands your sensitivity and genuinely cares for your happiness. We strive to aid our clients in setting up a positive future for themselves and their loved ones. We handle an array of family matters, including:

·      Divorce
·      Interim & Final Spousal Support
·      Child Custody, Support, & Visitation
·      Grandparents’ Visitation Rights
·      Paternity Acknowledgements and Judgments
·      Partition of Community Property
·      Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
·      Adoptions—both “private” (non-family) & “intra-family” (within a family)
·      Protective Orders—both obtaining and defending against
·      Name Changes

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Shared parenting can often be a difficult and dramatic change. With Our Family Wizard you can get access to easy to use shared custody tools, share information without involving your children, create clear records, and keep your children safe, protected, and out of the middle.

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Bankston Law Firm understands that when an accident or medical error changes or complicates your world in a matter of seconds, you just want things to return to normal. We aim to assist you in receiving the compensation you are due to enable you to overcome this trying experience. Among the personal injury cases we handle are those stemming from:

·      Automobile Accidents
·      18-wheeler Accidents
·      Medical Malpractice
·      Offshore Accidents
·      Wrongful Death and Survival Actions

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